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Jellynovel Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At Schoolblog – Chapter 1745 – Agree to Surrender alive spotless -p1
Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School
The Marquis Of Penalta

NovelReincarnation Of The Businesswoman At SchoolReincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School
Chapter 1745 – Agree to Surrender squealing seed
“Yes,” Gu Ning solved.
“Boss, why managed a person accomplish this? Have he consider there seemed to be anything at all valuable in the car?” questioned Mu Ke.
“Why is the lover so difficult?” Gu Ning complained, but she still required to support Gu Qingyun since he was powerless now. “Where have you been?”
Chu Peihan and Yu Mixi would return to Century Town with Gu Ning, hence they needed to get into gear earlier than the males tomorrow.
Every time they drove returning to the North Gate, Jing Yunyao sat in Leng Shaoting’s auto, when Chu Peihan while others sat in Gu Ning’s vehicle.
The cultivator actually obtained waited here for Gu Ning for an extended time, but Gu Ning was still absent in which he necessary to handle something different, so he left behind afterwards. Coincidentally, as he vanished for five minutes, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting emerged.
She was ideal, and she easily pulled your vehicle entrance of the rear chairs opened.
“What occurred? Inform me,” reported Gu Ning inside of a domineering sculpt, and Gu Qingyun experienced emphasized. He explained at once, “M-My fiancee was fooled by her close friend to some pub, and she was forced to stay there by the boy who’s her admirer and a handful of the boy’s buddies. They explained to travel to drink with them. Generally If I gain, I could keep together with her. If not, t-they’ll sexual assault my sweetheart. Ningning, I honestly don’t know how to handle it now. Can you help me to?”
Hearing that, Gu Ning recognized that Gu Qingyun need to have come across difficulties.
“Yeah, he considered that I kept the jade in this car or truck!” mentioned Gu Ning.
Hao Went, Chu Peihan, and Zhang Tianping would be part of the clearly show, when Mu Ke and Yu Mixi would check out besides. They weren’t efficient at performing and noticed embarra.s.sed to get it done also. For that reason, they wanted to relaxation after having an evening meal.
“Ningning, I-I…” Gu Qingyun stammered.
Leng Shaoting’s vehicle was left beside Gu Ning’s auto, hence they went to their automobiles together with each other.
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“Perhaps!” Gu Ning explained and altered this issue at the same time. “Oh, do you need to have a good time jointly today or continue in the resort? I already instructed the display director that you’ll be there before 9 am the next day. So you should get up at 7 am the future leaving for your shooting establish at 7:30 am. Hengdian Society Studios turns out to be far and you’ll definitely be captured in the visitors jam during speed 60 minutes.”
Whenever they drove returning to the North Gate, Jing Yunyao sat in Leng Shaoting’s car, although Chu Peihan and others sat in Gu Ning’s vehicle.
“Boss, why would you revisit so quickly? Didn’t you discover who did that?” required Chu Peihan.
“I will,” Leng Shaoting mentioned.
Knowing that, Leng Shaoting nodded. “Sure, be mindful.”
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Chu Peihan was a woman who got a strong a feeling of proper rights, now Gu Ning’s nephew is at difficulties, so she believed she simply had to do something.
“Boss, why do you keep coming back so rapidly? Did not you find out who managed that?” required Chu Peihan.
Chu Peihan became a gal who enjoyed a formidable sensation of justice, and then Gu Ning’s nephew is in hassle, so she noticed she had to make a move.
Chu Peihan and Yu Mixi would go back to Century Area with Gu Ning, so that they simply had to get into gear sooner than the kids the next day.
“Great, I’ll defeat the sh*t from their a.s.s!” mentioned Chu Peihan.
Since she just valued that on their own way here and the taxi cab car owner has also been in the car, Gu Ning could only tell the taxi cab driver to quit the taxi cab meters away from the parking area.
“Yes,” Gu Ning responded to.
“What? They’re shameless!” Chu Peihan was furious once she observed that. “Boss, are we about to aid him?”

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