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Let Me Game in Peace

NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 1209 – The Cube Starts Again tremendous understood
Zhou Wen and company, who are communicating, hurriedly investigated the Cube. The world was still Venus, but a humanoid being shown up on the screen. It floated above Venus and stared for the magma as though it turned out watching a thing.
Zhou Wen carefully listened to Qin Wufu’s arrival. He didn’t know much about Venus. He experienced noticed how the top heat range of Venus could achieve in excess of 500°C. Even at the Mythical stage, it was actually tough to stay on Venus for long.
Regrettably, he couldn’t sensation his aura from the Cube. He didn’t know what sort of creature he belonged to.
On top of that, with current aeros.p.a.ce technology, it wasn’t simple to achieve Venus. Some teleportation ability could accelerate interstellar travelling.
As Zhou Wen was approximately to exit, he suddenly noticed an individual shout, “Someone… There’s an individual on Venus…”
“Nothing very good has at any time come from the Cube’s appearance, correct?” Zhou Wen reported helplessly.
“It’s very likely, having said that i can’t make sure. The distance in the Cube is just too big considerably. In addition, the magma has impeded my eye-sight. There’s too little I could see,” Zhou Wen reported.
Ouyang Lan realized that Zhou Wen’s concept was strange, so she expected, “Little Wen, did you find out a little something?”
As they couldn’t verify some of their hypotheses, they might only wait around for the perfect time to pa.s.s and wait for shadow Zhou Wen described to look.
“Let’s check out a Cube. There’s too little you can collect coming from a mobile phone,” Ouyang Lan said to Zhou Wen as she went. “From World, Venus’s illumination is subsequent merely to the moon. In thousands of years ago, Venus was also known as Changgeng, Taibai, Qiming, Nighttime Superstar, for example. The title Venus stems from the West Area. Since it’s suddenly appearing on Cube, I wonder if it is a good thing or a curse.”
An Sheng hurriedly stated, “Yes, Madam. Numerous astronomers have confirmed that the world for the Cube is without question Venus. Even so, it’s still unidentified why the Cube is demonstrating Venus.”
Right after taking a closer look, Zhou Wen was confident that it wasn’t a man. Although the physique looked like a human being, his whole body was like gold. It wasn’t such as armour, but his body was such as a wonderful sculpture.
Nonetheless, the launching with the Cube this time was completely different from the last occasions. There was clearly no rating. Every one of the Cubes revealed the same scenario.
Ouyang Lan noticed that Zhou Wen’s phrase was unusual, so she questioned, “Little Wen, would you find a little something?”
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Zhou Wen carefully measured up Venus through the Cube. All at once, he made use of Good Brahma’s chance to improve his vision, trying to see a thing.
Everyone’s mood was somewhat weighty. For those aspect to suddenly turn on the Cube and still have it hosted on Venus, these people were definitely as much as no good.
“Don’t say they need to use Venus to be a battle arena?” Zhou Wen requested.
An Sheng’s cardiovascular system stirred because he looked at Zhou Wen and required, “Young Grasp Wen, check out the countdown. Is it the countdown to in the event the shadow types of surface?”
“Someone has now tried, nevertheless they can’t enter in the search engine rankings,” An Sheng solved.
Zhou Wen carefully scaled up Venus with the Cube. All at once, he employed Fantastic Brahma’s chance to strengthen his perspective, trying to see a thing.
As soon as the great person inserted the magma, it didn’t turn out once again. Soon after expecting almost an hour or so, there were still no mobility.
Eventually, a different dragon from American legends flew through and similarly arrived near the magma. Such as the glowing human being, it quickly rushed within the magma.
“Let’s visit a Cube. There’s too little we could collect coming from a cellphone,” Ouyang Lan thought to Zhou Wen as she walked. “From Earth, Venus’s lumination is secondly only to the moon. In ancient times, Venus was often called Changgeng, Taibai, Qiming, Night time Star, etc. The brand Venus emanates from the West Center. Given that it’s suddenly showing up on Cube, I wonder if it is a blessing or simply a curse.”
Following a pause, An Sheng aimed in a side of your Cube’s display and stated, “There’s a 72-hour count number on this page. We don’t figure out what its use is designed for now. So many people are guessing.”
Zhou Wen carefully heard Qin Wufu’s introduction. He didn’t know a lot about Venus. He had been told how the surface area temperature of Venus could attain a lot more than 500°C. Even in the Mythical step, it was hard to stay on Venus for very long.
Everybody looked over Zhou Wen because he pondered for just a moment before expressing, “There is apparently a shadow slowly surfacing inside the magma. Having said that, I can only see a shadow. I can’t explain to what exactly it is.”
Zhou Wen carefully sized up Venus over the Cube. At the same time, he used Excellent Brahma’s capability to improve his perspective, planning to see anything.
Nonetheless, very few folks obtained interstellar teleportation ability. These folks were regarded as uncommon during the Federation.
“Little Zhou, we meet all over again.” Qin Wufu seemed to be there while he welcomed Zhou Wen that has a teeth.
After a while, one other dragon from Traditional western legends flew more than and similarly came next to the magma. Such as the great human being, it quickly rushed in the magma.
“Let’s visit a Cube. There is not enough we could gather coming from a mobile phone,” Ouyang Lan said to Zhou Wen as she walked. “From Earth, Venus’s brightness is 2nd just to the moon. In olden days, Venus was also referred to as Changgeng, Taibai, Qiming, Night time Celebrity, and so forth. The name Venus originates from the To the west Area. Ever since it is suddenly showing on Cube, I ponder if it’s a benefit or a curse.”
An Sheng’s heart stirred as he looked over Zhou Wen and questioned, “Young Expert Wen, think about the countdown. Could it be the countdown to if the shadow surface types?”
“Governor Qin, what is the circumstance now?” Zhou Wen wasn’t happy to ask An Tianzuo, so he questioned Qin Wufu.
After the glowing person accessed the magma, it didn’t emerge just as before. Right after anticipating almost 60 minutes, there were still no activity.

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